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Weird and Painful Facts about Shoes

Whether you sport a pair of Nikes, Jimmy Choos, or ugly old Crocs, everybody reading this list owns a pair of shoes. Footwear plays an important part in our lives, whether it’s keeping our toes safe, making us look cool, or helping us seem just a little bit taller. And as one of mankind’s oldest inventions, shoes have had plenty of time to change our lives and take their toll on our bodies.


Bill Nye Saved Ballerinas’ Feet

Bill Nye is one of the most popular scientists on the planet. He’s popped up in the news lately thanks to a series of public debates, but when he’s not dancing with the stars or posing with Jay-Z, Nye keeps himself busy by, oddly enough, inventing ballet slippers.Nye is very concerned about ballerina feet. After filming an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy at the Pacific Northwest Ballet, he noticed something disturbing. A lot of the ballerinas were wearing bloody shoes. Bill realized when the dancers perform en pointe, gravity pushes down on their bodies while the floor pushes back up. These combined forces wreck dancers’ feet, so Nye decided to invent a better ballet slipper. Named the “Toe Shoe,” Nye’s slipper comes with a specially-designed box that protects the toes while supporting the soles, saving ballet dancers from some really nasty injuries.


Prostitute Shoes

What’s a chef without an apron, a doctor without a stethoscope, a prostitute without platform shoes? Footwear has always been an important part of a hooker’s ensemble. In Japan, royal concubines tottered around elevated getas, and courtesans in Renaissance-era Venice accompanied noblemen while balancing on 75-centimeter (30 inch) heels. However, perhaps the strangest pair of seductive sandals came from Ancient Greece, where everything was legal and prostitutes paid taxes.Back when the gods hung out on Mt. Olympus, the lowest of the lowly hookers were known as “pornai” (care to guess which modern-day word derives from that?). Many of the pornai were slaves, stolen from areas like Thrace and modern-day Turkey. Considered barbarians because they couldn’t speak Greek, the pornai worked the streets, hustling on the dusty, unpaved roads. While these dirt paths were probably murder in the rain, they were perfect for free advertising. The pornai wore studded sandals that imprinted phrases like “follow me” in the sandy streets, leaving a trail for any prospective john. And not a lot has changed since the days of Zeus. Inspired by these ancient shoes, a group called The Aphrodite Project has created a special pair of heels that come with a siren for scaring off attackers and a GPS tracker in case the wearer disappears.


10 Weird And Painful Facts About Shoes




How to Walk in High Heels..




     High heels can be a girl’s best friend – helping you to stand up taller, look slimmer and feel more confident. However, walking in sky-high heels can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not used to it. Don’t worry though; learning to walk fearlessly in high heels just takes a little practice.


     To walk on a high heel first you must take a smaller step. Walking in the highest heels isn’t like the walking you learned to do when you were a child, so you have to do a few things that might feel comfortable.

     Then when you are wearing a high heels you must walk comfortable and confidently.  Walking well in heels is very dependent on maintaining good posture. A lot of women wear high heels to look sexy, so adding a little shimmy to your walk is a good thing.




” Athletic shoes “



     Athletic shoe is a generic name for the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but in recent years has come to be used for casual everyday activities.

     The term ‘athletic shoes’ is typically used for running in a marathon or half marathon, basketball, and tennis (amongst others), but tends to exclude shoes for sports played on grass such as association football and rugby football, which are generally known as ‘studs’ or in North America as ‘cleats’.


    As an athlete you must wear shoes that you’re comfortable too, and that comfortable shoes must be an athlete shoes or any rubber shoes as long as your foot become comfortable you can wear it.





     Change is the only permanent thing in this world. So, why changes occur? It’s because we want to see something new, new things, new ideas etc., changes means to make something different.


     Changes can happen in different ways, it can be in personality of a person, in this changes the attitude or personality of a person become different, changes also happen in the style of what we are wearing, style of our clothes and also of are shoes.S2

     The reason why i tackle this is just that i want you to know what’s in today in fashion about shoes, most especially in the rubber shoes. For the past few years the rubber shoes what we are wearing is the flat one, but nowadays the new shoes are the one that has heels like the picture on the top of this paragraph. This shoe is invented maybe for those who are not that tall, so that if they wear it their height will increase and it is comfortable for them to walk because it is a rubber shoes. Maybe few years from now changes will happen and different NEW shoes will be invented again.





     A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities. Shoes are also used as an item of decoration. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture.


     Fashion has often dictated many design elements such as shoes have high heels or flat one. A shoe has also a lot of use aside from wearing it in your feet/foot. With the creative imagination shoes can be used in any way.



     As you can see in the picture, what a creative imagination that shoe is use to decorate a cake and you can also eat that shoe because it is made candy. Who would have thought that you can eat a pair of shoes? This shows that we people has the ability to become a creative one. And there is nothing impossible with our creative imagination.



      There is no denying that women are fascinated with shoes, that when they a see beautiful shoes they kept on saying that they want to buy that pair of shoes. The shoe industry is well aware of why women love shoes and capitalize on the fact that they make women feel more beautiful, attractive, and taller. Base on the picture there are two types of shoes which are the shoes with high heels and the flat shoes and they are all beautiful that can caught the attention of women.

 1 4

      High heels have been around for centuries and have been used for multiple purposes by women. For women, they love high heels because they feel sexy when they wear it and make women become taller. High heels can also help women to walk gracefully, because when you wear high heels you walk slowly as much as possible to avoid sprain.

 2 3

     Flat shoes are designed for comfort and effective walking.Flat shoes have also been used by lot of women because maybe for them they will look simple and also beautiful when they wear it. Having no heel on your shoes can make your legs appear shorter but it will be easy for you to walk. Flat shoes can be as stylish and fun as high heels.

     Women love to wear shoes because they remember that Cinderella would never have been married to Prince Charming if it wasn’t for those glass slippers and poor Dorothy would never leave OZ if not for those ruby red pumps.



Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes, I love shoes, desire and lust after them. I feel my heart race when I look at shoes I am considering buying, feel a jolt of joy when I wear them the first time. I know that I need to have shoes like I know that I need to eat and breathe. Perhaps I wouldn’t die if I had to wear the same drab pair of shoes for the rest of my life but some part of me would wilt and fade. Sometimes when I think about the things I would scramble to grab if my house were on fire, I think about my shoes. I feel pretty confident that I would make sure my dog and cat were safely out of harms way first, but after that I would grab my shoes.

I am far from the only woman who feels this way. Most of us do. On average, a woman owns 20 pairs of shoes at any given time. Many own more.

05shoe-ensha-slide-6E5P-jumboThis was the theme of Shoe Obsession, an exhibition at The Museum of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), where 150 contemporary shoes by 50 different international designer were showcased in such a way as to inspirer the same feeling of awe and reverence that one might experience in a house of prayer.

The excitement began as I walked down the stairs, one among a crowd of woman and a few scattered male worshipers, to the basement museum of F.I.T. where the walls and floors were painted black, adding to the mystery of our “secret” obsession. No photos were permitted, but nearly every woman snapped at least one blurry shot with their I-phone before the guards could reprimand her.

The shoes were spotlighted in showcases like artifacts at the Vatican. They went from wearable to wild — spikes, glass, feathers, studs, lace. Every material available in the world seemed to be represented somewhere on some shoe. Though some compelled me more than others for a variety of reasons, I couldn’t choose a favorite if you twisted my ankle.

2013-02-07-images-Chanel_2009In the way that media can simultaneously talk about and create a phenomena, perhaps it was influence of Sex & The City: The Complete Collection (Deluxe Edition)
Sex and the City that gave permission for women to come out of the closet about shoes, though I think our passion goes much deeper. Shoe size rarely fluctuates with either weight or age and there is no wounding to our self esteem if a pair of shoes doesn’t fit well, unlike a dress or a pair of jeans. On the contrary, a great pair of shoes instantly changes our mood for the better. Putting on high heels lengthens our shape, changes the curve of our posture and that physical change can evoke an inner feeling of confidence and sexiness like putting on a smile can make us feel happy. We are suddenly, taller, thinner and shapelier. A pair of stilettos pushes that all out even further.

Most women will tell you that they love their shoes because of the way they make them feel. And many women are willing to play with shoes in a way they don’t play with other parts of their wardrobe.

According to co-curator Dr. Valerie Steele, “They’re an intimate extension of the body and seem to say so much about our attitudes, aesthetics, sexuality and social status.” Sculptural quality, she added, is another part of the appeal. “Maybe it’s because shoes are sculptural. Clothing, when not worn, just lies there flat, lifeless. But shoes seem to have an autonomous quality, which may explain why our obsession with shoes seems to have reached new heights.” The shoes displayed in this exhibition do indeed look a lot like art.

FIT-Shoe-Obsession-Exhibit-1Shoes are as much a part of everyday fantasies as sex might be, though they are more Cinderella than erotic. That’s because buying shoes taps into our most primitive instincts akin to what our earliest ancestors felt; the hunt, the chase, the kill. By simply even thinking about shoe shopping, adrenaline starts to course through my body. By the time I’ve reached my favorite shoe store, my system has moved on to release dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin. That’s powerful stuff. But, unlike alcohol or other substances or processes that do the same, there are few consequences; maybe slight guilt, an argument with a spouse, or a reduced bank account – all of which seem minor in comparison with the joy you feel from finding an awesome pair of shoes and knowing they are yours to keep forever.

Shoes provide the foundation for the image that we want to broadcast to the world.  We wear them as a way to play with aspects of our identity in a less committed way than any other visible marker such as a haircut or color. We can change that message every day or more if we choose. A pair or flats of Berkenstocks shows our groundedness, pumps tell the world we are all business and high leather boots declare toughness.

2013-02-12-20130207imagesmetaljointedheelI don’t own an expensive pair of Louboutin’s, Manolo Blahnik’s or Jimmy Choo’s, though I would love to, I just can’t afford them. But then again, I can’t afford most shoes I buy and yet I continue to buy them. I find a way because no other article of clothing or accessory in my wardrobe allows me to so fluidly express everything I am or want to be. They are the physical manifestation of freedom.

The after-effects of Sex & The City, as a placard introducing at the F.I.T. exhibit  announced, shifted attention way from other accessories — most notably handbags — to shoes. That led to innovations in the architecture and technology of shoe design. Now, women’s shoes make up 60% of shoe sales in the U.S. That’s more than men and children’s shoes combined.

Some of the shoes displayed could be compared to the colorful plumage of birds, a sign of romantic or sexual availability or receptivity. Louboutin, for example, creates shoes that are brazenly sexy and often extreme, whether it is in the height of the heel and arch or the use of leather and straps, as well as, of course, his signature red sole which presumably will only be seen when a woman flashes the underside of her foot. But we cannot always interpret what or even if this display is a signal intended to be received by others; men and women alike. For some it may indeed be.

eoslingshot1Another interesting aspect of personal relationships to shoes is that some women rarely wear the shoes they most love. It’s as if a designer made something just for them; a coveted work of art to be looked at, perhaps occasionally touched.  It is an experience that for them is special, private.

Despite such worship, when it comes to sexual fetishes, the great majority of those who eroticize shoes are men. While there may be many women who feel sexy wearing certain shoes and there are undeniably some shoes that imply bondage, even pain, men are more likely to find sexual arousal and satisfaction from the shoe itself, often without a person wearing it.

The exhibition represents a survey of our collective fascination with shoes from the practical to the fantastical, such as a pair of Lady Gaga’s that are virtually unwearable. The experience is entertaining and sometimes bewildering in the way that much contemporary art can be. Rounding out the exhibition is a section that highlights the “bones” of shoes; i.e. structural skeleton as well as a section that explains the processes that are necessary to prepare boots for exhibition in a gallery. This is a window into another dimension of the process involved in creating objects and displays that we have all become familiar even immune to over time. I found it all fascinating, as I do for most subjects that I come to understand as being far more complex than I had originally assumed. Add to this the fact that I had an emotional investment and response to the works displayed. Like all good art, the pieces made me feel something. They were also accessible, something I could relate to.

I won’t say it is fun for the whole family because in the same way that I complained as a child when my father dragged me to look at masterpieces of art at The Met, some may not be able to appreciate it as much as others. But I can say that I personally loved it.

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