Change is the only permanent thing in this world. So, why changes occur? It’s because we want to see something new, new things, new ideas etc., changes means to make something different.


     Changes can happen in different ways, it can be in personality of a person, in this changes the attitude or personality of a person become different, changes also happen in the style of what we are wearing, style of our clothes and also of are shoes.S2

     The reason why i tackle this is just that i want you to know what’s in today in fashion about shoes, most especially in the rubber shoes. For the past few years the rubber shoes what we are wearing is the flat one, but nowadays the new shoes are the one that has heels like the picture on the top of this paragraph. This shoe is invented maybe for those who are not that tall, so that if they wear it their height will increase and it is comfortable for them to walk because it is a rubber shoes. Maybe few years from now changes will happen and different NEW shoes will be invented again.




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