There is no denying that women are fascinated with shoes, that when they a see beautiful shoes they kept on saying that they want to buy that pair of shoes. The shoe industry is well aware of why women love shoes and capitalize on the fact that they make women feel more beautiful, attractive, and taller. Base on the picture there are two types of shoes which are the shoes with high heels and the flat shoes and they are all beautiful that can caught the attention of women.

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      High heels have been around for centuries and have been used for multiple purposes by women. For women, they love high heels because they feel sexy when they wear it and make women become taller. High heels can also help women to walk gracefully, because when you wear high heels you walk slowly as much as possible to avoid sprain.

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     Flat shoes are designed for comfort and effective walking.Flat shoes have also been used by lot of women because maybe for them they will look simple and also beautiful when they wear it. Having no heel on your shoes can make your legs appear shorter but it will be easy for you to walk. Flat shoes can be as stylish and fun as high heels.

     Women love to wear shoes because they remember that Cinderella would never have been married to Prince Charming if it wasn’t for those glass slippers and poor Dorothy would never leave OZ if not for those ruby red pumps.


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